Creating games that consistently push the world around us in a positive direction through memorable multiplayer experiences and thoughtful investment into our communities.

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Our Giving Pledge

Worldspark Studios took five years of blood, sweat, and digging-into-the-retire-account-money to finally materialize. Coming from indie roots and knowing the lessons learned from that journey, we’re committed to helping other studios accomplish their dreams.

  • All employees receive 40 paid hours per year to dedicate to indie projects that interest them, whether that’s simple advisory or contributing to development.

  • Every quarter, three indie projects will receive $1,000 each to help jump-start development.

We believe that the gaming world has taken a dark turn since our younger days. To combat this worrying trend, Worldspark Studios will be donating 1% of our profits to non-profit partners that look to empower STEM programs, discourage toxicity, and reignite the fellowship that games have the unique power to create.

Meet the Team

Chandler Thomlison

Founder and CEO

10+ years as Consultant/Solutions Director finally living the lifelong dream of making games

Sebastian Cardoso

Chief Operations Officer

15+ years as Executive Producer/Production Director at Riot, EA, Crytek, and more

Dorian Compo


UI/UX Wizard Dorian has 15+ years of experience at Activision, Crystal Dynamics, and more. Now, a design director for an NFT studio, Dorian brings to Worldspark his passion for player ownership, culture, and dope UI.

Kevin Chang


Former Systems Designer at Battlerite and now Game Director at an awesome startup, we have zero problems saying Kevin is one of the most technically sound game designers in the universe. Every time we listen to his feedback, it results in a more fun experience, it's that simple.

James 'Bakery' Baker


What's better than one world champion? Two! James served as captain and shotcaller for Team Dignitas in the Heroes of the Storm World Championship. A master of macro, James constantly reminds us there are objectives on the map other than kills!

Matthew Garcia-Dunn

Chief Narrative Officer

10+ years crafting stories for Riot, EA, Pixar, and more

Tristan Root

Chief Technology Officer

15+ years as Engineering Manager at Bungie

Joseph Marin

Lead Programmer

10+ Unreal Engine experience as an engineering freelance consultant

Edmundo Sanchez

Chief Creative Officer

15+ years as Art Director at Riot (10th ever employee, literally Dr. Mundo!)

Rory Alderton

Animation Director

15+ years as Animation Director at Riot, Jagex, and more

Alvin Lee

Principal Artist

10+ years as Principal Artist at Riot, Capcom, Marvel, and more.

Jarrod Spurrier

Staff Engineer

8+ years as Senior Engineer at Riot.

Jonathan 'Bloom' Shell


As a former world champion in Battlerite, 'Bloom' absolutely destroys us in our internal tests, making him what we call our 'Design Litmus Test'. Does he outplay us every time? Yes. Do we still crave one more shot at taking him down because it's fun every single time? Yes. Design success!

Acea Spades Black

Senior Web Developer

5+ years engineering experience as freelance consultant

Andre Ribiero

Associate Game Designer

Former professional MOBA player turned Game Designer

Bryan Ross

Staff Engineer

20+ years engineering experience at Western Technologies and Startups

Daniel Paez

Director of Monetization and Game Economy

10+ years as Monetization/Publishing Director at Blizzard, Activision, Big Time, and more.

Jesse Perez

Marketing Manager

Jimmy Steorts

Senior Game Designer

5+ years as Champion Designer at Riot

JoAnna Frazar

Executive Producer

15+ years as Producer/Development Director at ArenaNet, EA, and more

LeRoy Strauss

Lead 3D Artist

15+ years 3D Artist at Riot, Hi-Rez, and more

Tim Paauwe

Senior Character Artist

3D Character Artist for Ubisoft, Blizzard, and more

Travis Thompkins

Senior Game Designer

Game Designer at Epic, Survios, and Ghostpunch

Valeri Lee

Director of Recruiting

15+ Recruiting and Talent at Activision, EA, Riot, and more

Become a Spark!

Worldspark is actively building the best team in Blockchain gaming. If you'd like to be a part, feel free to send your resume to!